M2 MM list English

The following page presents all the subjects in the program M2 Mechanics and Materials (MM). Some of the subjects are in English (**), when ERASMUS students select the course.


BASIC CORE (compulsory)

>UE S9-OT1-Foreign language-financial management

UE SPIM-920 Research project **

UE SPIM-MM-902 Manufacturing lifecycle **

simulation numerique

SPIM-MM-905-non linear dynamics-high speed processes

mecanique non lineaire-dynamique

UE SPIM_MM-904 Damage Corrosion **

Elective subjects :

In the M2 MM autumn semester, there is a group of two elective subjects. You must choose one subject.


First group

UE SPIM-MM-906- non metallic materials ** partially

UE SPIM-MM-905 non linear dynamics-high speed processes