M2-GM- List – English

The following page presents  all the subjects in the program  M2 GM. The subjects are not offered in English, only in French


BASIC CORE (compulsory)

UE-SPIM-GM-901-adequacy between model and reality

UE-SPIM-GM-902-foreign language

UE-SPIM-GM-903-technical study of synthesis

Elective subjects :

In the M2 GM autumn semester, there is two groups of elective subjects. In the first group, you must chose five subjects (among 6). In the second group, you must choose two among 6


First group

UE-SPIM-GM-904-3D scanning and reverse engineering

UE-SPIM-GM-905-optimization of materials and products

UE SPIM GM 906 Simulation of production systems

UE SPIM GM 907 Study of automated production systems

UE SPIM GM 908 Assembling Processes

UE SPIM GM 909 Innovative processes and CAD

Second group
Those classes are joined courses with other master degree in Metz.

UE-ALT-01-A manager new challenges

UE-ALT-02-industrial management

UE-ALT-03-new business start up


UE-ALT-05-law and tax systems

UE-ALT-06-management and supply chain

An additional subject is proposed fro ISFATES students

UE-ISFATES-german french cross cultural_education